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Tulleys Farm Contract of Employment - Actors


The Employer:
BA Beare & Sons, Trading as Tulleys Farm, Turners Hill, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 4PE

The Employee:  

1  General
The following contract includes your Statement of Terms & Conditions of Employment in accordance with the Employment Rights Act 1996, Employment Act 2002 and Working Time (Amendment) Regulations 2007 as amended or re-enacted at the relevant time. This statement should be read in conjunction with the Employment Handbook, a copy of which is available in hardcopy upon request or can be found at Staff Handbook  and your Scream Training booklet. In the event of any discrepancy between these documents, the terms set out in this document will prevail.

2  Commencement & Duration of Employment

2.1  You will commence employment with the Company, working on a casual basis, no earlier than Friday 30th September 2022 and your start date will be confirmed as your first scheduled shift, approved and signed off by Scream Park Entertainments.
2.2  In accepting your appointment, it shall be deemed you have accepted all terms and conditions set in this contract.
2.3  This contract annuls any previous agreement, whether written or verbal, given to you at any time.
2.4  There is no continuity of service between you and the Company between the end of one assignment and the start of the next assignment. If you accept an assignment, your continuous employment will begin on the date the assignment starts and end on the date the assignment terminates. 
2.5  In accepting this contract, you are notifying us that you are entitled to work in the UK, without any additional approvals and will notify the Company immediately if this ceases to be the case, at any point during your employment with the Company.
2.6  These Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between you and the Company, in the event that the Company offers you work and you agree to accept that work. It does not create a legal relationship between you and the Company unless and until you choose to accept an assignment.
2.7  We shall be entitled to dismiss you at any time without notice or payment in lieu of notice if you commit a serious breach of your obligations as an employee, or if you cease to be entitled to work in the United Kingdom.

3  Place of work

Your normal place of work will be Tulleys Farm, Turners Hill, Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 4PE

4  Collective Agreements

There are no collective agreements relevant to your employment

5  Job Title/duties

5.1  You are employed as a Scare Actor. Your day to day activities will be overseen and managed by Scream Park Entertainments. On joining, you will be assigned to a team and your acting responsibilities will be given to you by your Team Leader or Performance Manager. However, you are expected to undertake other duties reasonably assigned to you by the Company, irrespective of your job title or status.
5.2  In order to fulfil the role of Scare Actor, it is a requirement that you have attended the Scream Park Entertainments training course or a Scream Training recap session in the past 3 months.
5.3  On arrival for work you must have your lanyard with name badge clearly visible, for identification purposes.

6  Remuneration
6.1  You will be paid the applicable shift rate as per the table below: 


Rate of Pay including holiday pay

Evening 5.30pm opening

£65 (inclusive of Holiday Pay)

Evening 6.30pm opening

£55 (inclusive of Holiday Pay)

6.2  Your pay will be received directly into your bank account by BACS payment no later than Friday 18th November 2022. You will be responsible for ensuring correct bank account details are supplied to us, at point of offer of employment and no later than Friday 21st October 2022.

6.3  Payroll queries will only be accepted and investigated after Monday 21st  November 2022 and should be submitted via email to
6.4  Pension
The Company will comply with the employer pension duties in respect of you in accordance with Part 1 of the Pensions Act 2008.

7  Holiday Entitlement & Pay
7.1   You are entitled to the equivalent of 5.6 weeks (28 working days) holiday in each complete calendar year inclusive of statutory and public holidays, pro rata dependant on hours worked. Any leave taken during your appointment must be processed in line with the Company’s Holiday Policy which can be found in the Employee Handbook.
7.2   At the end of your appointment, if no holiday has been taken, a payment in lieu of accrued leave will be made, along with your final pay.
7.3   At the end of your appointment, if you have exceeded your accrued holiday entitlement, the Company will make a deduction from your final pay and you authorise the Company to make such deductions.

8  Deductions from Pay
The Company reserves the right at any time during your employment or on termination, to deduct from your pay including but not limited to; any overpayment made and/or monies owed to the Company by you, deductions as directed by a government or legal body, the cost of replacement uniform not returned to us, the cost of repairing any damage or loss to the Company’s property caused by you.

9  Hours of Work
9.1  Working hours for the Tulleys Farm ShocktoberFest will be between 4.30pm and midnight, however there may be requirement to work earlier or later than the specified times, in order to resource the event effectively.
9.2  Working hours will be confirmed to you and managed through Scream Park Entertainments.
9.3  Daily signed timesheets supplied by your Scream Park Entertainments Team Leader or Performance Manager will be used as confirmation of hours worked and for the purpose of processing payroll.
9.4  You will be required to be on site one hour before the event start time, for the purpose of makeup application & costume dressing.
9.5  We are bound by the Working Time Regulations 1998 and require everyone to observe them. By signing this contract, you are agreeing that you may be required to and are happy to, work more than 48 hours per week and have exercised your rights under these provisions. You can opt back in, by confirming this in writing to us. The above is not applicable to any employees under the age of 18 (Young Workers) who will be limited to working no more than 8 hours a day and a maximum of 40 hours per week.

10  Sickness Reporting and Sick Pay
10.1  If you are unavailable for work due to sickness, it is your responsibility to notify the Company at your earliest convenience and no later than one hour prior to the start of your shift. You should report any sickness absence by telephone to your Scream Park Entertainment Team Leader or Performance Manager. You will need to update the Company on a daily basis in regard to your sickness absence and expected return date. You will need to comply with this sickness reporting process to qualify for any sick pay.
10.2  If you are taken ill during a shift, your pay will be at the discretion of the Performance Manager but is recommended to be 50% of your shift if you finish before 9pm and full pay for a later departure.
10.3  Where eligible for Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and after three months continuous service, it will be paid to you at the appropriate rate, with your usual pay on the agreed payment date. The first three days of absence (known as ‘period of incapacity for work’) are unpaid and SSP will be due on the fourth day of absence onwards.
10.4  You will be required to supply a Fit Note from your GP, if your absence exceeds 7 days (inclusive of non- working days) to be compliant with our sickness reporting process.
10.5  Unauthorised or unreported absences will not be paid.

11  Confidentiality
11.1  You will not make use of, divulge or communicate to any person (except in the proper performance of your duties under this contract) any Confidential Information relating to the company’s business or in respect of which it owes an obligation of confidence to any third party, client, contractors, suppliers or customers.

Confidential Information includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Business products & services, strategy, development and plans
  2. Business methods and processes, technical information including inventions, design, technique, formulae or ideas, inclusive of animatronic figures, set & character design, scripts, costumes, sketches, files, literature and software
  3. Business contacts, customer & supplier lists and details of any contracts with them
  4. Business accounts, budgets and any financial reports or data
  5. Anything marked confidential

11.2  You will not make statement to or provide photograph material to the press or other media (including social networks and blogs) about any activities or matter relating to the Company without explicit authority from the Company.
11.3  All products developed by you during your employment, shall remain the property of the Company and on termination of your employment, or on demand from the Company you shall surrender any such property.

12  Data Protection
The Company is required to tell you about the personal data that we collect about you and what we do with that information, including how we use, store, transfer and secure your personal data. You confirm that you shall at all times comply with all relevant data protection legislation and all obligations imposed on you under the Company's data protection policy and privacy notice from time to time in force. You consent to the Company holding and processing (electronically and manually) data relating to you for legal, personnel, administrative and management purposes.

13  Governing Law & Jurisdiction
These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance WITH THE LAWS OF England and Wales.

By signing below, you agree to the terms laid out within these pages and within the Scream Training Booking and Staff Handbook.

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Signed by Chris Bowman
Signed On: September 18, 2022

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